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We currently produce a wide range of Rock Family Trees including those listed below. These are limited edition giclee prints of 100 per tree, printed on the finest DaVinci archival paper at 60×80cm. Each Rock Family Tree print is signed and numbered personally by Pete Frame, and often a personal message can also be included. Pete Frame’s Trees cover over 200 rock n roll stories. These are just some of the trees currently available, and if your favourite isn’t here email us at

If you need to remind yourself of which bands are in which trees, take a look at this testament to Pete Frame’s obsessional genius.

And if you have a hankering to watch the TV programmes, brilliantly narrated by John Peel, take a peek at this.

STOP PRESS: We can now produce prints and posters for more than 100 trees. To see the complete list and view some more of the trees, click here. Otherwise enjoy your browsing below.

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 

Fleetwood Mac TV Tree 

Heady Days in Madchester 

Deep Purple

The Velvet Underground

Kinks, Stones and Pretties

Crimson and Roxy

Flowers of Romance

Creation Records

Iron Maiden

Evolution of the Beatles


Status Quo


Liverpool 1980



Eric Clapton

The Promised Land

The Roots of the Blues

Out in the Streets

The London R&B Explosion


View Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Tree in Deep Zoom (note that because of the detail of the tree, the web resolution for the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath tree is not as sharp as the fine art print, which is perfect).

Shop for Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Fine Art Print



View Fleetwood Mac Tree in Deep Zoom .

Shop for Fleetwood Mac Fine Art Print

madchester 1 low res whole tree lower


madchester2 small

View Heady Days in Madchester Tree in Deep Zoom

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Shop for Madchester 1 Poster

Shop for Madchester 2 Poster

Who’s In the Madchester Tree? Part 1

Who’s In the Madchester Tree? Part 2

Deep Purple 143kb

View Deep Purple Tree in Deep Zoom

Who Is In The Deep Purple Tree?

Shop for Deep Purple Fine Art Print

Shop for Deep Purple Rock Family Tree Poster


View Velvet Underground Tree in Deep Zoom

Shop for Velvet Underground Fine Art Print

Kinks Stones Pretties


View Kinks, Stones and Pretties Tree in Deep Zoom

Shop for Kinks, Stones and Pretties Fine Art Print

Shop for Kinks, Stones and Pretties Poster

Crimson and Roxy

View Crimson and Roxy Tree in Deep Zoom

Who Is In The Crimson and Roxy Tree?

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flowers of romance149kb

Views Flower of Romance Tree in Deep Zoom

Who Is In The Flowers of Romance Tree?

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View Creation Tree in Deep Zoom

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Iron Maiden

View Iron Maiden Tree in Deep Zoom

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View Evolution of the Beatles Tree in Deep Zoom

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View Suede Tree in Deep Zoom

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Status Quo

View Status Quo Tree in Deep Zoom

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View Grunge Tree in Deep Zoom

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Liverpool 80

View Liverpool 1980: Tree in Deep Zoom

Who Is In The Liverpool 1980 Tree?

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Shop for Hawkwind Fine Art Print

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View Hawkwind Tree in Deep Zoom 



View Madness Tree in Deep Zoom

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View Eric Clapton Tree in Deep Zoom

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Clapton Tree Playlists


Promised Land


View The Promised Land in Deep Zoom

Shop For The Promised Land Fine Art Print

Roots of the Blues

View Roots of the Blues in Deep Zoom

Shop for Roots of the Blues Fine Art Print

Out in Streets

View Out in the Streets in Deep Zoom

Shop for Out in the Streets Fine Art Print

London R&B Explosion

View London R&B Explosion in Deep Zoom

Shop for London R&B Explosion Fine Art Print

Frame is probably the world’s foremost chronicler of rock history.
The Observer

Frame’s Rock Family Trees are a class act, a loving archival trawl
through rock’s minutiae at once absurdly detailed and fantastically well observed.
The Independent

Pete Frame is better at what he does than all the rest of us combined.
Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle

… almost lunatic scholarship …
John Peel

A true doyen recorder of the music scene  Roots

It’s not only the vital facts but the asides and gentle ramblings that make his work such a pleasure to peruse. Music Week

A lasting contribution to rock scholarship.  History of Rock

His eccentricity is as genuine as his enthusiasm.  Sounds

The sheer volume of work and detail involved must make it seem like a monumental folly to the uninitiated, but likewise make it utterly absorbing to the fanatic.  NME

Incredibly detailed and often incredibly funny. Smash Hits

 There is something Shakespearian in his blunt ordinariness and decency, and in his dedication.  The Sunday Times

 Get your hands on this book and you might not want to put it down.  Goldmine

 A wonderful, heroic book … Frame is the only true pop lunatic to have kept his sanity and his sense of humour.  Rolling Stone

What makes Frame such an entertaining author is his endearing and perceptive turn of phrase … another dazzling achievement in scholarship from rock’s romantic chronicler. The Sunday Telegraph

Today, I would only refer to anything Pete Frame does. His is the standard to which we should all aspire.  Colin Larkin, editor, OUP Encyclopedia of Popular Music

Frame should have ended up on some New Year’s honours list for his Rock Family Trees contribution alone.  Fred Dellar, Mojo

The world’s most eminent rock genealogist.  Irish Times

Pete Frame is mad.  Time Out



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The Other Stuff
Pete Frame’s Story

Pete FramePete Frame started drawing his Rock Family Trees in Zigzag, Britain’s first rock magazine, which he founded in 1969.

They subsequently appeared in Sounds, NME, Melody Maker and Rolling Stone, on album sleeves and CD inserts. BBC Television broadcast two series of Rock Family Trees – plus further programmes based on his Monty Python genealogy and his Manchester United family trees.

Several volumes of his collected works have been published by Omnibus Press.